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Discussion forum English This forum is meant for people who need help or advice concering slovak mountains and hiking in Slovakia. Feel free to ask anything, among the comunity of HIKING.SK, there are many english speaking people, who will do their best to help. Warning: Before you create a new discussion topic, please be so kind and search for a similar existing topic. You can use for this purpose our search form in upper-left corner of this site. Thank you for keeping this forum clean :-).
Topic Kross hexagon 2020 Dobrý deň potrebovala by som poradiť s horským bicyklom kross hexagon 2020, nejaké recenzie a skúsenosti, a ešte by som potrebovala poradiť veľkosť ramu, mám 171cm. 04/05/20 created by baraaa number of reactions 0 last 04/05/20
Topic Excellent idea ! I'll try to post few trails ! 17/05/10 created by eric.visentin number of reactions 1 last 17/05/10
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